Voice Devices

One of the toughest challenges businesses face today is how to effectively use technology to give them a business advantage. All too often you purchase a system that is supposed to streamline the way you communicate, but instead the maintenance and learning curve can make it a business distraction. Additionally, that same system will become obsolete, and unreliable after just five years – leaving you without a current solution equipped to handle a highly mobile workforce that require communications, anytime, anywhere.

Yealink CP860

Diamond IP Conference Phone for Small and Medium-sized Meeting Rooms
The Yealink CP860 Diamond IP conference phone is the perfect choice for small and medium-sized conference rooms, facilitating up to 16 people with optional expansion microphones. The Yealink CP860 provides numerous audio features, including optima HD technology, built-in triple microphone array, full-duplex technology, and acoustic echo cancelling, which enables users to enjoy rich and clear conference calls. The Yealink CP860 supports call recording as well as connection to mobile phones or PCs for a more convenient conference call experience.

Yealink Y-CPE80

Expansion KIT for CP860
With the additional expansion microphones, the CP860 is the ideal conference phone for medium to large size conference room that need extended coverage at the far ends of a conference table. The expansion microphones extend the range of the CP860 by an additional 10 feet respectively.

Yealink W52P

Flexible VoIP solution for small businesses
Yealink W52P is a SIP Cordless Phone System designed for small business and SoHo who are looking for immediate cost saving but scalable SIP-based mobile communications system. Combining the benefits of wireless communication with rich business features of Voice over IP telephony, User can benefit from freedom of movement, lifelike voice communications, multi-tasking convenience, professional features like intercom, transfer, call forward, 3-way conferencing, PoE etc. This system works with widely-known Broadsoft, Asterisk, 3CX and supports quick and easy configuration.