Enhanced Features

One of the toughest challenges businesses face today is how to effectively use technology to give them a business advantage. All too often you purchase a system that is supposed to streamline the way you communicate, but instead the maintenance and learning curve can make it a business distraction. Additionally, that same system will become obsolete, and unreliable after just five years – leaving you without a current solution equipped to handle a highly mobile workforce that require communications, anytime, anywhere.

Call Recording

This service is used to record calls and stored either locally for a calendar month on the PABX using internal memory or externally on a FTP server. This feature can support up to 32 extensions of simultaneous recorded calls. Calls are recorded by pushing the record button on an IP Phone or can be extensions can be programmed to be recorded for every active call.

Automatic Call Distribution

Automatic Call Distribution supports call centre environments allowing for customisable call distribution management. Adding this feature will allow phone extensions systems to be used as an IP call centre. Calls can be distributed as described below:

  • All Agent Ringing
    All of the Agents’ phones will ring simultaneously.
  • Round Robin
    Each of the Agents’ phones are sequentially tried.
  • Longest Idle
    The call is sent to the Agent who has been idle the longest since their last call.
  • Less Busy During Last Half Hour
    Averaged over the last 30 minutes, the Agent that has been less busy will receive the call.
  • Random Hunting
    The Agents are selected at random.
  • Skills
    The Agent who has the highest composite skill grade will receive the call.

Barge In

Three unique features will be enabled when the Barge-in license is activated. Silent Monitoring, Agent Whisper and Supervisor Barge-in will be available as enhanced features for authorized users on the PABX. These features do not require the Automatic Call Distribution Activation module to be purchased and can be used with regular user extensions on the Hosted PABX Offering.

  • Silent Monitoring
    The Supervisor will be able to listen in on a call by dialling *91+extension number. With this option users may only listen to the other party’s call, and there is no audible notification.
  • Whisper Mode
    The Supervisor will be able to listen in on a call and advise the agent on things to say to the caller. The Supervisors comments are only heard by the Agent. The Supervisor can active Whisper Mode by dialling *92+extension number. The extension dialled will hear an audible tone to notify the single user that someone has joined the call.
  • Barge In
    A call centre Supervisor will be able to join an established call and have a 3-way call by dialing *93+extension number. All participants will hear an audible tone to notify that another party has joined the call.

Audio Conference Bridge

An integrated conferencing feature is available on the Hosted PABX. Depending on the specific requirement of the client, a maximum of 64 conferencing ports can be added with Hosted PABX. The number of available ports determines how many active users can be on the individual conference bridge at one time. More than 64 unique conference bridges can be configured per system for use by authorized owners.

Video Conferencing

The ability to visually describe something or to determine moods and gestures greatly increases the effectiveness of remote communication.
Video conferencing is available on our Hosted Business PABX extensions. After activating the appropriate feature, clients have the ability to make Video calls through selected desktop phones or by purchasing dedicated hardware for their boardrooms.

Our Hosted Business PABX extensions support the following Video Conferencing features:

Eight 2 video conference participants
Four 4 video conference participants
Two x 8 video conference participants
One x 16 video conference participants in all active conferences