Business Voice (Hosted PABX)

One of the toughest challenges businesses face today is how to effectively use technology to give them a business advantage. All too often you purchase a system that is supposed to streamline the way you communicate, but instead the maintenance and learning curve can make it a business distraction. Additionally, that same system will become obsolete, and unreliable after just five years – leaving you without a current solution equipped to handle a highly mobile workforce that require communications, anytime, anywhere.

Business Voice handles important business communications seamlessly by offering a number of features that are intuitive to use. Because we maintain everything in the cloud, there is no need for you to hire anyone to monitor your system, or try to keep up with the constant evolution of technology, by purchasing the latest hardware – we’ve got you covered.

With a host of features, Business Voice offers a reliable cloud based phone system for any size business. From
anywhere voicemail to 3-way conference calling to video chats, Business Voice has a variety of features for your business phone.
The Metrofibre Network provides a state-of-the-art, Carrier Ethernet fibre optic network to ensure you receive world- class service and reliability. Business Voice is perfect for any business that wants a cost efficient, feature rich, scalable and highly reliable Virtual PABX.

Why choose business voice for your company

  • Powerful hosted solution with highly competitive call costs
  • No need for major equipment purchases
  • Pay per extension
  • Maintenance and Software Upgrades are managed in the cloud
  • Scalability – simple and powerful communications solution that grows with you
  • Fully managed – we offer an alternative to traditional PABX,s so you can reduce your capital expenditure on expensive hardware
  • Business continuity even after a disaster
  • All feature functionality in the cloud – so you get better disaster recovery, more efficient mobile integration and automatic upgrades as they become available
  • Complete Packages – including state-of-the-art Phones with high definition audio quality and video options
  • Built on the reliable, proven Metrofibre carrier class fibre optic network